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Fipoahana faka-porofo

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Product famaritana

AE series Roots blower is a special product series developed by our company in order to meet the transportation needs of hydrogen, natural gas and other flammable and explosive special gases.

This series of fans is safe and reliable, with advanced design, strict quality assurance, and comprehensive configuration.

Design: The whole machine adopts a fully closed structure, optimizing all the parts that may produce leakage points. The whole series of dustproof and waterproof reaches IP67 protection level. A variety of flammable and explosive gases: hydrogen (very low molecular weight), biogas (high water content), hydrogen sulfide (high corrosion), natural gas (high transmission pressure) and other characteristics have been designed to ensure the product Adaptability.

Detection: AE explosion-proof series products are equipped with special detection lines to accurately detect flow and leaks; after multiple strict testing procedures, another 20 times full pressure test is conducted to confirm that there is no high-pressure leak point.

Configuration: The whole series adopts EX DⅡ BT4 / EX DⅡ CT4 explosion-proof motors to eliminate potential electrical hazards. Special steam-water separators, steam traps, special explosion-proof silencers, etc. are also available.


● Profile Impeller: mombamomba ny CONCH misy elatra telo, fihenan'ny rivotra kely, fahombiazan'ny volumetrika avo lenta, fahombiazana lehibe, fitsitsiana angovo, feo ambany ary fihozongozona mikraoba;

● Fomba fandefasana: fehikibo, fifandraisana mivantana;

● Fidirana sy fivoahana: rafitra fidirana mitsivalana miendrika diamondra, fidiran'ny rivotra malama;

● Impeller: Special alloy impeller is optional, and no spark will occur when bumping;

● Gear: fitaovam-pandrefesana ambaratonga dimy, fahamendrehana avo lenta, feo ambany;

● Tavo-solika: ny rafitra tobin-tsolika tokana / avo roa heny dia tsy voatery, arindra;

● Body layout: traditional layout,compact dense type;

Main Specifications

◆ Taham-pitetezana: 0.6 ~ 713.8m³ / min;

◆ Fanentanana mampiakatra: 9.8 ~ 98kPa;

◆ Hafainganam-pandeha azo ampiharina: 500 ~ 2000RPM;

◆ Protection grade: IP67;

◆ Explosion-proof grade: EX DⅡ BT4 / EX DⅡ CT4 (motor);

Fampiharana manokana

★ Precautions: In view of the particularity of the use of hydrogen, biogas, natural gas and other flammable and explosive gases, please provide information on process uses, media composition, proportions and contact our company's technical department Configuration.

★ Usage: Hydrogen transmission, biogas collection, natural gas pressurized transmission, gas generator boosting, etc.