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Paompy miaro volo

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Product famaritana

VP series Roots vacuum pump is a dry-wet dual-purpose three-blade Roots vacuum pump developed by our company for the large pumping speed and rough vacuum demand of pulp and paper, vacuum packaging and other industries.

Vacuum packaging, pulp and paper production and other industries rarely use large-volume vacuum units, because the vacuum requirements are not high, more demand is for larger and more stable pumping speed, and often need to arrange vacuum pumps on the production line site, so Ordinary Roots pumps are generally used directly. However, ordinary Roots pumps, especially two-blade Roots pumps, are noisy and are not suitable for site layout. In addition, the smaller internal clearance of ordinary Roots pumps is not conducive to industries with more debris such as paper packaging.

VP series three-blade Roots vacuum pumps, taking advantage of the quietness advantages of the CONCH contour profile and the advantages of the three-blade multi-seal surface, have the characteristics of high vacuum, low energy consumption, low noise, smooth operation and dry dual-use.

Due to the superior performance of the CONCH profile, the VP series blowers can achieve greater pumping speed under the same clearance which also means that the internal clearance of the VP series Roots pump can be significantly larger than the products of the same level, and it is less likely to block. In order to further improve the performance of the VP series Roots pump, our company has configured a new generation of silencer filter barrels for this series of products, which can effectively filter obstructions, further reduce noise, and improve the quality of the working environment.


● Fomba fandefasana: fehikibo, fifandraisana mivantana;

● Inlet and outlet: unique diamond-shaped inlet structure, the air flow is stable;

● Gear: fitaovam-pandrefesana ambaratonga dimy, fahamendrehana avo lenta, feo ambany;

● Tavo-solika: ny rafitra tobin-tsolika tokana / avo roa heny dia tsy voatery, arindra;

● Wet and dry forms: dry and wet configurations are optional;

● Fandrafetana vatana: famolavolana nentim-paharazana, karazana matevina matevina;

Main Specifications

◆ Pumping speed: 0.6 ~ 713.8m³/ min;

◆ Vacuity: dry-49kPa, wet-68kPa;

◆ Hafainganam-pandeha azo ampiharina: 500 ~ 2000RPM;

Fampiharana manokana