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Roots Blower andiany roa

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Product famaritana

RHR two-stage series Roots blower is a new generation of products designed and developed for high pressure and large flow applications. Compared with high-speed centrifugal fans and multi-stage centrifugal fans, it has no surge, no stall, strong adaptability to working conditions, and investment. The advantages are low cost and low energy consumption.

RHR two-stage blower adopts strict calculation to ensure that the blower is under the rated working condition, and the front and rear two-stage mainframe are under the condition of 1: 1 pressure ratio, which reduces the absolute value of the differential pressure at each stage, reduces internal leakage, and reduces energy consumption. The design of high-efficiency counter-flow heat exchanger greatly increases the air intake efficiency between stages. When the blower is working above 120KPa, it can save up to 30% energy compared with the traditional blower. and other traditional large flow equipment.

RHR blower adopts pre-stage air end, intercooler, post-stage air end, three-stage cooling scheme, and adopts an integrated design. Only one cooling water pipe is needed to ensure that the entire unit is under effective water cooling protection. The design has high redundancy, good cooling effect, and convenient installation and use.


● Configuration form: double-stage central heat exchanger form;

● Cooling: The central heat exchanger is counter-flow cooling, and it uses one-piece synchronous cooling with the two sides of the host.

● Pressure ratio: 1: 1 pressure ratio;

● Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger adopts a variety of heat exchangers such as tube and plate;

● Impeller profile: unique three-blade CONCH profile, small air flow pulsation, high volume efficiency, high efficiency, energy saving and low noise

● Transmission mode: belt two-stage, direct connection two-stage;

● Fidirana sy fivoahana: rafitra fidirana mitsivalana miendrika diamondra, fidiran'ny rivotra malama;

● Gear: fitaovam-pandrefesana ambaratonga dimy, fahamendrehana avo lenta, feo ambany;

● Oil tank: single / double oil tank structure is optional, flexible configuration

Main Specifications

◆ Flow rate: 0.6 ~ 120m³/ min;

◆ Fanentanana mampiakatra: 58.8 ~ 200kPa;

◆ Hafainganam-pandeha azo ampiharina: 500 ~ 1600RPM;

Fampiharana manokana

Notes: Two-stage application is complicated in type selection. In order to ensure the highest design efficiency, please contact our company to design the type selection directly for you.